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Live Giant Crab (4.74KG) UNRESERVED - Login to Bid

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Giant Crab - King of All Crabs!

Up for sale is a locally caught live Giant Crab that weighs 4.74KG, perfect for a family feast! 

  • Make sure you have signed up and logged in to bid!
  • This bidding is only for Adelaide customers - please do not bid if you cannot accept the crab from Adelaide, SA. 
  • Once you have won the bidding, please make the payment within 2 hours otherwise the next highest bidder will be awarded the prize.
  • There is no reserve price for this crab, so if you win it at $50 then congratulations!
  • Please note that if someone bids 5 minutes before the auction end time, then the auction will extend by another 1 minute to allow others to participate.
  • In the unfortunate event that the crab dies before the auction closes, then the auction will be cancelled.

Caught within Southern Australia, the giant crab is one the largest crabs in the world and some could weigh as much as 10KG+. The crabs are generally reserved for the top-end restaurants due to their delicacy and high price.

Grading Guide:

Crabs are graded based on their shell hardness, which is corelated to their fulness (meat content), however, this method does not guarantee that an A grade crab will always be full of meat.

Condition of Winning Purchase:

1. Please be advised that while all efforts have been made to provide you with the best quality crab, unfortunately we cannot make any guarantees to the fulness (meat content) of the crab.

2. In the event that the crab dies after the auction closes but hasn't been delivered to you, we will give you two options: 1 - You may cancel the auction and have your payment refunded in full if you've already paid, or 2 - we source a replacement crab and charge based on same rate of price per kilo that you've won the auction at.

Live seafood disclosure: Please also allow up to 5% product weight loss as live seafood will lose water from its body overtime when out of water.

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